Helping Children Love Reading Through Book Fairs

Helping Children Love Reading Through Book Fairs

Three Reasons to Send Your Child to a Private High School

Lenny Bernard

If your child is in the public school system, are you satisfied with how they are doing? Maybe their grades aren't that good or they hang out with friends that you would rather they didn't. Or maybe you're concerned for your child's safety in a public school setting. Thankfully, there is another option when it comes to your child's education: private school. Here are three reasons to send your child to a private high school.

1. Smaller Classroom Sizes

If you feel your child is not getting enough one-on-one instruction from their current teacher, it might be due to the fact that the classroom size is too large. This is often the case in a public school setting, where the student-to-teacher ratio is about 16:1.

If you feel your child would benefit in a smaller classroom setting, a private school would be a great option, as the average student-to-teacher ratio is only 12:1.

2. Fewer Safety Concerns

School safety continues to be a primary concern for parents, and rightfully so, as there have been 134 schools shootings since 2000. However, only 8 of these 134 shootings took place in private schools. One reason for this is that there are a smaller number of private schools. However, some people feel that private schools are safer because they have fewer problems than public schools with the following issues:

  • Student fighting
  • Bullying
  • Possession of weapons

Private schools offer a more positive and professional culture, which is why many consider them much more safe.

3. More Emphasis on Moral Values

Many parents feel that morals and values don't get taught in the public schools, which is one more reason to send your child to a private school. Because many private schools are religious institutions, they place more of an emphasis on moral values.

While most of the private schools in the United States are Catholic, other types of private schools include these: 

  • Nonsectarian
  • Conservative Christian
  • Baptist
  • Jewish
  • Montessori

It's important to note that your having a different religious affiliation with the private school in your community doesn't necessarily mean your child can't go to that school. Many religious private schools welcome students of all faiths because they feel it's important to learn about other religions.

Greater parent and teacher involvement and an emphasis on moral values both may contribute to private schools having a lower number of school crimes and less gang-related activity. Choose private school to provide your child a peaceful setting in which to learn.


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