Helping Children Love Reading Through Book Fairs

Helping Children Love Reading Through Book Fairs

Private School Education: Common FAQs From Interested Parents

Lenny Bernard

When it is time to enroll your child in school, in most locations, you will be given a whole host of options and routes to take, and private schooling is probably going to be an option on the table. Even though most parents are familiar with private schools and how they differ, they do usually have questions about whether the expense is worth it. To help you decide whether private school is a good option for your child, it is a good to get to know the answers to these questions you have in mind. 

So, what are the primary advantages of private schooling for a child?

Private schools can offer a host of advantages, but the advantages tend to be more reliant on the specific school itself because each one can be different. A few examples of advantages children reap from being in a private school setting include:

  • smaller classroom sizes with more one-on-one interaction
  • access to more diverse educational programming to suit the child's needs and interests
  • a wider array of extracurricular activities to take part in
  • a more secure educational facility with tighter disciplinary rules

What are the advantages that parents should expect when their child is in private school?

Private schools have a notorious reputation for building long-term and involved relationships with parents of the children that attend their schools. The primary reason this is possible is the fact that classes are smaller, which gives teachers and instructors more time to communicate with parents on an individual level instead of in group settings. Furthermore, private schools usually offer reputable day care and afterschool programs that greatly benefit the working parent. In addition, if religion is important to have incorporated in your child's daily learning, private schools of a religious nature can offer this. 

Is it a good idea to go with a religion-based private school even if religion is not one of your primary concerns?

This totally depends on your interests as a parent as to what the school makes available. Most parents find that even if religion is not a necessary component in their child's education to them, having their child enrolled in a private Christian or Catholic school does not pose any issues. More focus is placed on traditional principles and ideas in these settings than teaching specific beliefs. For example, a Catholic school may focus greatly on encouraging good morals in daily activities but not so much on teaching children about Catholicism in general. 


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Helping Children Love Reading Through Book Fairs

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